green (pink, orange, white...) and growing

oh SpringSpringSpringSpringSpring!  I am itching to plant my tomato and pepper starts in the ground and tuck in some bean and squash seeds.  among others.  there are all shades of green out there right now, and loads of buds ready to burst open with flowers.  when we moved in five and a half years ago we transplanted some very sad looking peonies from the shady front yard to a space in the backyard along the garage wall.  I think this is the year they are finally going to bloom and I am so pleased.  there's just something about a peony, I think.

anybody need some oregano?


breakfast, lunch, dinner. repeat.

there's been a lot of tea, a lot of fruit.  a lot of 'snack' lunches (she'd happily inhale brie, apples, and popcorn for lunch on a daily basis, as would I) and many adventures in gluten-free breakfast baked goods.  quite a bit of kale and a few grilled pizzas.  thrown-together salads consisting of whatever produce and protein we've got in the fridge.  we've definitely got our reliable standbys.  still, I'm always looking for inspiration and ideas from others' kitchens to add to the mix.  I'd love to know what some of your reliable standbys are.....


new lessons for the little one

over the last year or so she'd been on my friend's horse a couple of times and loved it.  this friend used to give lessons and such at a nearby equestrian center and though she doesn't technically teach anymore, she was open to giving Claire lessons in trade for childcare and painting help and other miscellany.  and so, last Friday was lesson number one.  first Claire led the pony, Radish, and curry-combed him.  then she got on the horse, Vinca, and the fun began.  for at least a half hour she was up there, working through different exercises to get her comfortable and steady and confident.  I'm thrilled for her.  I'm a little thrilled for me, too.... because what did I do during the lesson?  I sat in an adirondack chair in the sun, knitting and drinking tea and watching my girl up there all confident and smiley, and I breathed in the sweet smell of horses.  I also happened to be holding onto Radish's lead so he wouldn't get up under Vinca while Claire was riding him, but he was rather good company.

lesson number two is coming up in a few days and we're both pretty excited~



so since I last visited this space we had a wonderful visit with nana and pipop, papa turned 35 (he spent approximately 15 hours of his birthday overseeing a house burn with the fire department, but before he left we got in a birthday breakfast complete with crepe paper streamers), and Claire and I had our first breakfast picnic of the year on the front steps.

usually there is some kind of art during our front-step-breakfast-picnics.  any excuse to linger on the steps while we listen to the birds and watch the sunlight hit new parts of the yard.

she also created a "little homesteader's village" complete with an umbrella shelter, a stone-lined path,

a wild-harvested (but not all edible and she knew that) dinner for her "son",

food for her chick,

 and a fire to keep warm (she put a little electric tea light underneath some bark, crafty girl).

another day perhaps, or maybe the same day.... there was a dance party.  I don't remember what we were listening to, but it got her moving and shaking!